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Paris: Suspected climate change activist dresses up as elderly woman in a wheelchair to vandalise the Mona Lisa, throws cake

The vandal threw his wig off and said in French, "Think of the earth, artists think of the earth. All artists think of the earth. That's why I did it. Think of the earth."

Spinning fiction? Siddharth Varadarajan’s ‘Paris cafe’ claims on vaccine certificate don’t quite add up, what the authorities say

Whether Varadarajan was just spinning stories or indeed telling the truth is a not something we could fact-check till someone puts us in touch with that particular waiter from that cafe, here is what the French authorities say about vaccination certificates.

Jewel heist in France: Bvlgari showroom robbed in Paris, suspects fleeing in BMW arrested

The French police chased the three accused down near the Les Halles shopping mall, which is located about 3 km away from the Bulgari boutique.

“See you in Paris”: Sumit Antil, who won gold in Tokyo Paralympics says he dreams to participate in both Olympics and Paralympics

While his dream of being a wrestler may have been crushed, Sumit Antil's dream of competing in Olympics and Paralympics in Paris 2024 have just taken off.

Widespread protests across London and Paris as demonstrators take to streets against compulsory vaccine mandates and health passes

Tens of thousands of protesters swarmed the streets across London and Paris to protest against compulsory vaccine and vaccine passports

France: Huge crowds get on the streets to protest Macron’s Covid restrictions, Police use tear gas and water cannons to control protesters

Hundreds of thousands of people of France came on road to protest against Macron's strict Covid restrictions.

When Paris was overwhelmed with decomposed human corpses and ran out of burial places: The story of the Catacombs

The Catacombs of Paris are the image of a scary world of the dead beneath the city of lights. Six to seven million human skeletons are stored there, stacked up in underground tunnels.

France orders banning of all pro-Palestine rallies in Paris amidst Palestinian terror attacks on Israel

French government has issued orders to ban pro-Palestinian protests in Paris this weekend amidst the ongoing terror attacks against Israel by Palestine-based terror group Hamas

France: Tunisian migrant kills female police officer in Rambouillet, mother of two children, while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’

A female police officer in France was stabbed to death in Rambouillet, a town south west of Paris in France, on Friday.

Crackdown against Islamic extremism: French parliament passes the anti-radicalisation bill in lower house

The anti-radicalism bill was passed by the French legislators in the wake of Samuel Paty's beheading and a host of Islamist attacks in the country.

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