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US: Man kills neighbour by stabbing a ‘military-style knife’ in his chest for complaining about loud snoring, arrested

Christopher James Casey was arrested in Pennsylvania for fatally stabbing 62-year-old Robert Wallace during an argument over Casey's snoring in the night

‘Punishing white employees’: Here is what happened and why Starbucks will be paying $25 million to a white ex-manager in racial discrimination case in...

Starbucks was found to have violated Phillips's federal civil rights and a New Jersey law that forbids discrimination on the basis of color by a federal jury in New Jersey

Another mass shooting in the USA: 3 dead, 11 injured in Philadelphia after multiple attackers open fire at crowded street

In yet another mass shooting which have become a regular affair in the USA, 3 people were killed and 11 others were injured in Philadelphia

Philadelphia allowed unqualified “college kids” to distribute COVID-19 vaccine, they stole doses and turned away elderlies who had signed up for vaccination

Volunteers who worked for Philly Fighting COVID-19 in Philadelphia said that the CEO took doses home and administered it to his friends

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