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The Indian government needs to do something urgently to put an end to the menace of Christian evangelism and safeguard the nation from the perils of demographic instability.
It is preposterous to think there is a possibility of anything good coming of the proposed population control law.
By 2022, India's poverty headcount will reduce to less than 20 million, expected to become zero soon thereafter
Perhaps it is an attempt to make Rahul Gandhi come across smarter.
The report even claims that the survey in question isn't been publicised by the Siddaramaiah government
The demographic time bomb is ticking and it is only a matter of time
Newly wed couples are also being felicitated by the church
In the religion column of the census form, ‘Hinduism’ and ‘Scheduled Castes’ appear as different options.
By some estimates, those who would like to identify themselves as Hindus could be as low as just 50% of the Indian population.

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