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Is humanity headed for a population collapse? What is ailing South Korea, Japan and what will it mean for India in the future

TFR is drastically declining globally because young couples are having multitude of concerns particularly economic. The growing global trend is markingly visible in India too.

Massive population decline in South Korea: 150 schools have no first graders to enrol

The Ministry of Education in South Korea said that 157 elementary schools across the country do not have any first graders to enrol in the month of March

South Korea launches new high-speed train linking Seol with surrounding areas, govt hopes it will help in increasing birthrate

South Korea hopes that the new high speed train service GTX will give people enough time to people to spend time with family and give birth to babies.

‘Demographics is destiny’, says Elon Musk on India becoming world’s most populous country

Earlier, in August, Musk said that the population collapsed due to low birth rates, which is a much bigger risk to civilization than global warming. 

Badruddin Ajmal advises Hindus to marry early and produce many children like Muslims to increase population, BJP MLA gives a befitting reply

Badruddin Ajmal said, "Get your girls married at an age of 18 or 20. Then you see how many kids are born at your home."

Global population crosses 8 billion mark, India to become most populated country surpassing China in 2023

World's population surpassed the 8 billion mark on November 15, 2022, just 12 years after crossing the 7 billion mark.

‘Religious conversion, infiltration altering demography, India needs effective population control policy’: RSS general secretary Dattatreya Hosabale

The RSS leader Dattatreya Hosabale raised concern over decreasing population of Hindus and added that India needs to have an effective population policy that will be applicable across all communities.

Teenage Muslim girls lead in pregnancy rate but lag behind in hygiene during periods, reveals National Family Health Survey: Read details

National Family Health Survey finds teenage pregnancy rate is highest among Muslims, followed by Christians

Total Fertility Rate in India declines overall, Muslims have the highest Fertility Rate while Buddhists have the lowest: Details

According to the National Family Health Survey 5, the Total Fertility Rate in India has fallen to 2.0 at the national level.

China: Officials penalised for allowing an unmarried couple to have 15 children in violation of the one-child policy

The officials were penalised for the violation of China's infamous One-child policy that refrains couples from having more than one child

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