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Extreme Poverty is now officially eliminated in India, says think tank report, praises initiatives of Modi govt

India has now officially eliminated 'extreme poverty', which can be seen through the sharp decline in headcount poverty ratio and stark increase in household consumption, American think tank Brookings said in a report.

Bihar government promises to give ₹2 lakh each to 90 lakh+ families even as the state has a debt of Rs 2.90 lakh crore...

The Nitish government plans to provide Rs 2 lakh in financial help to 94 lakh families to launch small businesses over the next five years under the 'Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme'. The funds will be distributed to poor families in three instalments.

NITI Aayog says 24.82 crore Indians have been lifted from multidimensional poverty in last 9 years, UP shows best performance

Over 24 crore Indians have escaped multidimensional poverty in last 9 years: NITI Aayog report

Pakistan’s economic model has failed completely: The World Bank says as it asks the government to tax agriculture and real estate

Highlighting that Pakistan’s economic model has failed completely, World Bank asked Pakistan to tax agriculture and real estate.

‘Poverty is a state of mind,’ or using the poor is a mindset? Here’s how the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty has been historically disconnected from the...

Their clear disconnect from the grassroots, and Indian and human values in general that showed when Nehru garlanded an Adivasi woman also reflected when Rahul and Priyanka made a fun road trip out of their sympathy visit to the Hathras victim's family.

415 million Indians lifted out of poverty in last 15 years: UNDP’s Multidimensional Poverty Index report

The United Nations Development Programme called the reduction in poverty "remarkable" underlining that India is on the path to achieving sustainable development goals

Pakistan is South Asia’s weakest economy, huge task to pull it out of poverty, report says

Imagine the country with one of the world's most irrigated fertile wheat-growing land has a shortage of flour and no money to import it.

Pakistan flour crisis: Shortage, stampedes reported from several areas, armed guards escort vans distributing flour

Tens of thousands spend hours daily to get the subsidized bags of flour that are already short in supply in the market, according to a report

Pakistan poverty rate raises by 35.7%, ranks 92 out of 116 in list of countries on International Poverty Index

Pakistan's food security was already affected by terrorist activities, conflicts with Afghanistan and weather changes. The rising inflation has worsened it. 

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