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According to a World Economic Forum report, share of households below poverty line will reduce from 15% today to 5% by 2030
PewDiePie's video conceding defeat to India's T-Series is in poor spirit of sportsmanship
MIT economist Abhijit Banerjee who is advising Rahul Gandhi on his Minimum Income Scheme explained how middle class is the biggest loser
Rahul Gandhi the prince of goof-ups has never seemed to disappoint his fans
Remember, India’s worst-case scenario is also the Dynasty’s best case scenario.
The announcement of a new subsidy scheme for poor by Rahul Gandhi is a testimony to the fact that Indiraji, her son and the decade of UPA governance was unable to remove the poverty, writes Arun Jaitley
Rahul Gandhi, just like his grandmother Indira Gandhi is still selling the idea of 'Garibi Hatao', which intends to end poverty in the country if Congress comes to power. In 1971, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had used the ‘Garibi Hatao’ theme in the election campaign. 
Why is it that those who ruled India for so many years had so many scams in their era? PM Modi takes a jibe on Congress
PM Modi to e conferred prestigious Seoul Peace Prize, for his contribution towards world peace and cooperation.
The choice of this new policy instrument is very clear, it should come under the Direct Benefit Transfer framework in the form of a Targeted Basic Income.
'Mother Teresa was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty.'
By 2022, India's poverty headcount will reduce to less than 20 million, expected to become zero soon thereafter
It is estimated that India will completely eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.
Donald Trump Jr was falsely projected as hypocrite who romanticises poverty while enjoying his personal wealth
How an out-of-context picture became the face of 'demonetisation disaster'
Its economic effects will be known in long run, but milk of human kindness is flowing in short run.
For many months now, poor have been dying of starvation in Bengal under Mamata’s rule.
Not a review, but a discussion on the controversial movie that leftists have been hating.

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