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Palanpur: Muslim locals threaten school teachers to stop the prayer session, video viral on social media

Muslim mob threatens school teachers to stop prayers in Palanpur, Gujarat.

Kerala: Two Christian groups again clash over which direction to face during prayers, altar of Cathedral in Kochi vandalised ahead of Christmas

Violent clashes erupted at Saint Mary’s Cathedral Basilica in Kerala's Kochi between two groups of Christian devotees over unified mass

Bidar, Karnataka: Syncretic culture not appreciated? 9 Hindus booked merely for offering puja in Mosque, practice done every year. Read details

In the Bidar district of Karnataka, 9 Hindus were booked by the police for merely entering a Mosque and offering prayers.

Jharkhand: Muslim community in Garhwa got school prayer changed as ‘they are 75% of population’, even stopped children from folding hands

Government administration has reportedly been made aware of the local Muslim residents of the village forcefully getting the school prayer changed. The administration has said an investigation regarding the same will be carried out.

Islamic scholar tells Muslims to not pray for deceased Al-Jazeera journalist as she was ‘Christian’, others call her ‘kafir’

One Islamist wondered whether Shireen Abu Akleh was indeed a 'Kafirah'. The term is widely used by Islamists across the globe to profile, discriminate and persecute non-Muslims.

Bomb blast at Kabul mosque where condolence prayers for Taliban spokesperson’s deceased mother were being held, several civilians dead

Bomb blast at Eidgah mosque in Kabul where memorial prayers of the mother of Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid was being held

Congress, Samajwadi Party leaders want mosques opened for Bakri Eid even as coronavirus cases surge

Islamic clerics from Darul Uloom Deoband has written a letter to the Yogi Adityanath government making five demands ahead of the Eid festival.

George Floyd killing: Rioter chants ‘La Ilaha Illalaha’ while ‘protesting’ in America

One protester in George Floyd killing protests was heard chanting the Islamic prayer claiming that Allah is the only god

Uttar Pradesh: No loudspeakers for azaan, Allahabad High Court junks plea against no loudspeaker order at 2 mosques

The Allahabad High Court on January 9 declined to quash an administrative order issued by Jaunpur district administration which refused permission to two mosques to use loudspeakers for azaan.

Uttar Pradesh: Government school children forced to recite Islamic prayer, principal Furkan Ali suspended after complaint

Principal Furqan Ali claimed that 90% students are Muslims and they had insisted to recite Islamic prayer

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