Monday, November 28, 2022


President of USA

After giving $450 million F-16 package to Pakistan, US President Joe Biden calls it “one of the most dangerous nations”

On Friday, USA President Joe Biden tore into Pakistan by calling it one of the most dangerous nations in the world

Joe Biden asks American citizens to vacate Ukraine, says it’s World War when Americans and Russians start shooting at each other

During the interview, Joe Biden claimed to have warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against harming American citizens.

‘Stupid son of a b**ch’: US President Joe Biden snaps at Fox News reporter when asked about inflation

The Fox News team later joked about how Doocy might be known as the new 'stupid SOB' following the remarks of Joe Biden

Coronavirus research deemed too dangerous by DARPA was approved by Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance conducted it at Wuhan: Report

A proposal by EcoHealth Alliance, asking for funding for gain of function research into coronavirus was rejected by DARPA, but was approved by Fauci, the report by Project Veritas says.

US President Joe Biden calls Baseball legend Satchel Paige the ‘great Negro’ during Veterans Day address

Joe Biden has called Satchel Paige "the great negro" at during his Veterans Day address at the Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday.

What is Joe Biden doing with his hands? US President caught in bizarre pose during CNN town hall, commits goof ups

US President Joe Biden committed a series of gaffes and bizarre gestures during his CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan again praises Taliban, says India is rich hence controlling world cricket: Details

Khan specifically requested the United States to initiate a dialogue with the Taliban government in Afghanistan saying if the US does not take the lead, Pakistan will be most affected by it.

From 5 Bidens in India to PM Modi’s 5 Ts, QUAD, COVID and more: Here are 4 points discussed when PM Modi and President...

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden spoke for about 20 minutes and attended over an hour-long meet in Washington.

USA announces an additional $64 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, calls it ‘commitment to Afghan people’

USAID informed that it has been supporting over 18 million people in Afghanistan, even prior to the ongoing crisis and 'recent insecurity.

Watch: US President Joe Biden booed during visit to 9/11 memorial, shamed publicly for Afghanistan crisis

Although Biden showed up at all the memorial sites including the Pentagon memorial in Washington and the memorial in Shanksville in Pennsylvania, he did not speak on any of the occasions.

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