Wednesday, September 22, 2021


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USA announces an additional $64 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, calls it ‘commitment to Afghan people’

USAID informed that it has been supporting over 18 million people in Afghanistan, even prior to the ongoing crisis and 'recent insecurity.

Watch: US President Joe Biden booed during visit to 9/11 memorial, shamed publicly for Afghanistan crisis

Although Biden showed up at all the memorial sites including the Pentagon memorial in Washington and the memorial in Shanksville in Pennsylvania, he did not speak on any of the occasions.

‘You are too pretty for this to have happened to you’: Biden had once said to the young widow of a martyr. Details

The family of the US marines killed in an ISKP suicide attack in Kabul have slammed Joe Biden for insensitive behaviour.

Meet ‘Joe Tzu’: Disastrous USA withdrawal from Afghanistan triggers meme fest, Biden mocked for strategic blunders

Social media is awash with memes sarcastically equating US Prez Joe Biden with Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu and mocking him for the Afghan disaster.

Was Joe Biden sleeping? Netizens speculate whether the US President fell asleep during meeting with Israeli PM

Biden was given the nickname 'Sleepy Joe' by former US President Donald Trump.

US Marine Corps officer Stuart Scheller sacked for questioning Joe Biden administration over Afghanistan crisis

US Marine officer Stuart Scheller gets sacked after he castigated Joe Biden administration for not owning up that 'they messed up' in Afghanistan

US: Here are the 15 questions 69 lawmakers asked Joe Biden on his plans and course of action to resolve the ongoing Afghanistan crisis

The lawmakers pointed out to Joe Biden that the consequences of the Taliban rule will impact not only Afghanistan but also Middle East.

‘Weak, disastrous optics’: Joe Biden condemned after he lowered his head in frustration after facing tough questions on Kabul terror attack

The gesture of Joe Biden was widely criticised showcasing his weakness and incompetence in dealing with the Afghanistan crisis

Not just weapons and helicopters, US also left biometric data in Afghanistan, gave the Taliban list of US citizens and Afghan allies

The Biden administration gave lists of US citizens in Afghanistan and their Afghan allies to the Taliban to ensure their 'security'

Ghouta chemical attack: New study reveals involvement of Syrian rebels and not Assad, Obama wanted to bomb Syria in retaliation

The study built on previous revelations that punctured US claims about the Syrian govt's involvement in the Ghouta chemical attack.

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