Tuesday, July 5, 2022



Madhya Pradesh: Khargone administration erect barricades in few lanes to maintain peace in riot-hit area, leftist media twist it to portray as anti-Muslim

Soon the Khargone administration erected barricades in a few lanes to maintain peace in the riot-hit areas, leftist media started spinning a narrative to disparage the BJP government in the state

Man threatens to kill Yogi Adityanath and bomb Gorakhnath Temple; propagandists use his Hindu identity to hide his links to anti-Hindu outfit Bhim Army

Propagandists highlighted how 'Sonu Singh' assumed Muslim identities but did not mention his links to the Bhim Army.

How PM Modi riles liberal elites: The choice of Droupadi Murmu, the frustration of the cabal and the dangerous games they might play

PM Modi has managed to leave our liberal elites seething in anger, but unable to directly attack his actions - choice of Droupadi Murmu

Dear ‘journalists, Bollywood Divas and assorted intellectuals: The Maharashtra fiasco is not a ‘murder of democracy’, stop living in fool’s paradise

You have been beating your breasts and crying out aloud over the events of the past week in Maharashtra and the fall of your favourite govt

A weekend story: Ravish Kumar, Whatsapp University and Jaipur Literature Festival

There was this time fairly recently when Ravish ji went on a short break. When he returned, I noticed that he had made a few changes to his studio for prime time.

The New Indian Express uses the term ‘racial purity’ to make false claims about research on genetic ancestry, Rahul Gandhi furthers the propaganda

Experts in the field of Genetics and History have heavily criticised the TNIE report as a classic case of deliberate misinformation.

The New York Times outdoes itself in stupidity, says India was partitioned ‘from Pakistan’ 

The New York Times recently published an article that erroneously claimed that India was partitioned from Pakistan.

Young Muslim children are being taught ‘how to kill Hindus’: How radicalisation, hate and bigotry is ruining another generation

Videos of young Muslims, even children declaring that they want to kill Hindus are rampant on social media. The level of radicalisation among children is concerning.

Why ‘The Economist’ praising PM Modi is a trap: Why you should not play their game and how they are the enemy

For supporters of Prime Minister Modi, the article by The Economist praising India may feel like a moment of vindication - But it's not

Muslim man beats up his sister for falling in love and eloping, Alt News cofounder ‘fact-checks’ that video is old and ‘not from America’

Mohammed Zubair, co-founder of 'fact-checking' website AltNews, on Thursday 'fact-checked' a viral video where a Muslim man can be seen beating up a woman.

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