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Ram Janmbhoomi

Ayodhya: How a critically injured Devi Deen Pandey single-handedly killed 700 soldiers of Mir Baqi’s Mughal army to save Ram Janmabhoomi

Devideen Pandey killed 700 Mughal soldiers before sacrificing his life for the cause of Ram Janmbhoomi in Ayodhya.

Ayodhya: How Hindus were massacred on the call of jihad by Maulvi Amir Ali after King Devi Bakhsh Singh built Ram Chabootra on Janmabhoomi

Hindu kings sacrificed their lives for Ram Janmbhoomi. They fought bravely against violent jihad to protect the holy site.

‘Police looted jewellery; punished us for chanting Jai Shri Ram’: Families of victims of Sandpur massacre during Janmabhoomi movement recount the horror

The villagers of Basti's Sandpur were gunned down by the then-SP administration during the Ram Janmbhoomi campaign in Ayodhya

Sanjay Raut now credits Mulayam Singh Yadav for Ram Mandir, says Ram Janmabhoomi movement escalated because of firing on Kar Sevaks on his order

Sanjay Raut justified the killing of Kar Sevaks on the orders of Mulayam Singh Yadav by saying that it gave a big boost to the Ram Mandir movement

Muslim localities, multiple mosques and Qabristans around Ram Mandir in Ayodhya: The ‘diversity’ that Leftists and Islamists want to hide

Ayodhya is known for its multi-faith culturalism, reflected in the existence of mosques, Hindu temples, Jain pilgrim centres—all interspresed in the holy land, known for being the birthplace of Lord Ram.

‘They brought a helicopter to target and kill unarmed devotees in Ayodhya’: Families of karsevaks claim involvement of late MP Munnan Khan in the...

Locals, including the family members of martyr karsevaks say that Balrampur's former MP Munnan Khan was activey involved in targeting and killing the devotees.

Karsevak Mahavir Agrawal was shot twice in chest, was alive when tossed into a vehicle full of corpses: His widow raised their two sons...

Mahavir Prasad Agrawal's wife had to search fanatically for her missing husband on that fateful day. She finally found his body in a police vehicle full of corpses of karsevaks.

‘Ram Lalla Hum Aayenge, Mandir Wahin Banaenge’: Man who coined the famous slogan invited to the Ram Mandir consecration ceremony

Baba Satyanarayan Mourya, who coined 'Ram Lalla Hum Aayenge Mandir Wahin Banaenge' slogan received invitation for the consecration ceremony.

Ram Mandir represents sacrifice and devotion of the common man: Sister of the Kothari brothers who were killed on the orders of ‘Mullah Mulayam’

Sister of karsevak Kothari brothers who gave their life to the liberation of Ram Janmbhoomi will attend Ram Mandir inauguration.

16-year-old Kar Sevak Rajendra Dharkar was shot dead under Mulayam Singh Yadav government: Read about the hardships faced by his family

Rajendra Dharkar was shot dead at the age of 16 under the government of Mulayam Singh Yadav for the crime of being a Kar Sevak

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