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Release Plea

‘Only Allah can judge him’: Muslim fanboys pray for an early release of Andrew Tate, arrested in a human trafficking and rape case

Despite the serious nature of allegations against Andrew Tate, his Muslim fans prayed to facilitate his early release.

Self-proclaimed saint Shraddhanand, serving life term without parole for killing his wife, pleads for his release like Rajiv Gandhi’s killers

Swami Shraddhananda who has spent 29 years in jail for killing his wife, seeks release like Rajiv Gandhi killers

Al-Qaeda terrorist and Osama bin Laden’s former spokesman released from jail in the USA ahead of term due to his obesity

Al-Qaeda terrorist Adel Abdel Bary was released from jail as it was feared that he has high risk of getting coronavirus due to his obesity

Two Freudian slips during the hearing of Arnab Goswami’s plea in Supreme Court against the Bombay High Court order denying him interim bail

During the hearing, Justice Chandrachud that the constitutional courts needed to interfere in the case to avoid treading on a path of destruction.

Tamil Nadu CM reiterates state government’s commitment to release Rajiv Gandhi’s killers

Mr Palaniswami said the Cabinet resolution that was passed reflected the popular public sentiment on the issue

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