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‘Whitewashing Islamic crimes is a full-time hobby of intellectuals’: Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ explains how blaming Brahmins for forced conversions is a fig leaf

“Intellectuals” in our country have been bent on covering up for the Islamic invaders and their forced conversions by blaming brahmins

YouTube restores OpIndia video that exposed how media whitewashes terrorists, but now places age restriction on viewership

YouTube has now restored the pulled down OpIndia video, however, it has been put behind an age restriction.

Watch: You can’t find solution if you ask wrong questions, Rivaldo explains why Kashmir issue is ‘unsolved’

Comedian Nitin Gupta aka Rivaldo, in this three-part video, has exposed how the discourse around the Kashmir issue is flawed mostly due to the excuses provided by the 'liberals'.

Comedian uses dark humor to talk about liberal hypocrisy on the Kashmir issue

Political correctness se aazaadi - this man tells PM how to solve Kashmir issue

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