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‘Whitewashing Islamic crimes is a full-time hobby of intellectuals’: Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ explains how blaming Brahmins for forced conversions is a fig leaf

Nitin Rivaldo Gupta in his latest video dismantles the leftist propaganda of holding Brahmins and caste discrimination responsible for the forced conversions of Dalits into Islam in medieval India

In his latest video on the rampant forced conversions taking place in the country and their genesis, comedian Nitin ‘Rivaldo’ Gupta spoke about the elaborate narrative weaved by the intellectuals to whitewash the atrocities committed by Islamists against Dalits in medieval India.

Gupta said the entire construct that Brahmins are to be blamed for the conversions of Dalits into Islam is a fig leaf, intended to conceal the harsh reality that most of the conversions that took place after the Islamic invasion of India, happened under duress and not out of the free will.

“Apologists and sympathisers of Islamists would have us believe that Dalits in medieval India converted to Islam because they wanted to escape oppression by the upper caste Brahmins. But, why did Jains, Buddhists, Parsis were also forced to cover? Have they also had a caste system that members of the community converted to Islam to escape oppression?” Gupta asks.

“Much like Brahmins, the Dalits, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, and members of other communities were provided with two options—either embrace Islam or suffer death. Left with no option, the beleaguered people had to convert to Islam or face a torturous death,” Gupta continued.

It is a well-documented fact, Gupta said, that conversions to Islam were made at the point of sword, and that conquered people were given the choice of conversion or death. He cites the memoir of Turko-Mongol marauder Timur to back his assertion. Timur had in his autobiography stated that he intended to conquer India and bring the residents of the country to the true faith(Islam).

You can watch the entire video here.

“For the Islamic invaders, right from the first one, Mohammed Bin Qasim, under whom first documented deaths due to forced conversions took place in India, and the those who followed him, Dalits, Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis and others were all same. Their main aim was to convert everyone and spread Islam,” Gupta averred.

However, Gupta said the “intellectuals” in our country have been bent on covering up for the Islamic invaders and their proclivity of carrying out forced conversions. Be it Kanhaiya Kumar, or the leftists in West Bengal, who in 1989 ordered that children in schools must not be told about Islamic invaders and their practice of destroying temples of other faiths, Gupta said.

Ambedkar did not loathe Brahmins, instead some of his closed ones were all Brahmins: Nitin Gupta

Debunking another myth that Dr BR Ambedkar was against Brahmins, Gupta said the chief architect of India’s constitution got his surname from his teacher Krishnaji Keshav Ambedkar, who was a Deshastha Brahmin. He also added that Mr Ambedkar’s second wife, Sharda Kabir, who took care of him in his later stage of life, was a Saraswat Brahmin.

Furthermore, it was Ambedkar’s friend, Arjun Keluskar, another Brahmin, who gave him books on Lord Buddha, which is said to have influenced his decision of embracing Buddhism later.

Drawing attention to the recent cases of forced conversions taking place in the country, Gupta said Dalits are now being oppressed by Islamists to accept Islam.

Equality in Islam is a myth: Nitin Gupta

Gupta further added that the notion that there are no castes within the Muslim society is mistaken. He cited Dr BR Ambedkar’s writings to assert that the Muslim community is divided into three castes—Ashraf, who trace their origin either to western or central Asia (for instance Syed, Sheikh, Mughal, Pathan and upper caste converts. The remaining two are Ajlaf (backward Muslims) and Arzal (Dalit Muslims).

“The apologists of Islamists are covering up the cases of rampant conversions taking place across the country. Be it love jihad case of Dalit girl Kavita, who was entrapped by a Muslim man by assuming a Hindu identity, or the forced conversions of Mahadalits in Haryana’s Mewat, Dalits are being oppressed by the Islamists to abandon their religion and accept Islam,” said Gupta while wondering the extent of the cover-up that took place when the country was under the rule of Muslim rulers.

“In a democratic country like ours, if this is the level of whitewashing taking place, just imagine the level and extent of the cover-up and rewriting of history that would have taken place under the rule of Muslim rulers,” Gupta said.

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