Sunday, November 27, 2022



Mumbai: Police book minor ‘nawab69_’ for deliberately firing Diwali rockets at neighborhood flats

Minor booked in Ulhasnagar for terrorizing residents of a building by shooting rockets at their apartments

Meteor shower or rocket re-entry? Bright lights in sky surprises people in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat

Meteors often referred to as 'shooting stars', are rocky objects that enter the Earth's atmosphere at a tremendous speed, between 30 and 60 km per second.

Afghanistan: Several rockets hit Kandahar airport as Taliban takes over parts of the city

Following the attacks, the airport has been shut down and the flight operations have been halted, said Kandahar airport chief Massoud Pashtun.

Watch: Rockets hit areas close to Afghan presidential palace in Kabul during Eid Prayers

Rockets hit Kabul, landed near Afghan presidential palace during Eid prayers.

Lebanon launches six rockets towards Israel, all six fall inside Lebanon, IDF retaliates

Last Thursday, too, Lebanon fired three rockets towards Israel, all of which landed in the Mediterranean Sea.

Watch: Israeli father protects his newborn as Palestinian terrorists fire rockets at them

According to IDF, the Israeli father was traveling in a car with his family, including his newborn child. As Palestinian terror groups launched rockets, the helpless father had to run to the nearest safe place.

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