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Nothing will stand in the way of Rwanda flights: UK PM Rishi Sunak, read why he is firm on deporting illegal migrants

Media hails this as a major political victory for the ruling Conservative party in general and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in particular.

UK signs deal with Rwanda to send illegal migrants to the African nation, one-way flights to start within weeks

UK will send illegal immigrants and asylum seekers to Rwanda, where they will be assessed and permanently settled

‘Fans do not deserve this’: Rwanda President Paul Kagame trashes Arsenal management after defeat against Brentford

Rwanda President Paul Kagame let out his frustration at the continuous disappointing performance by Arsenal.

Prime Minister Modi’s diplomacy : Visits to countries long forgotten by the Congress government

Narendra Modi has set several records since 2014 general elections.

The Quint gives a horrid twist to Modi’s gift of cows to Rwanda

A call for his lynching is made in the name of “just laughs.” Shias, meanwhile, are no Muslims in their eyes.

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