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HS Panag brazens out his distasteful tweet on Gen Rawat’s death, ‘liberals’ rush to defend him

Retired Lt Gen HS Panag faced flak for his insensitive tweet over Gen Bipin Rawat's demise, but he defended his actions, saying nobody has monopoly over news.

After Congress toolkit specifically mentioned The Caravan, its columnist peddles old article to defame Gujarat

Columnist of the news website 'The Caravan' - Salil Tripathi - posted a three-year old news report to defame Gujarat government.

Twitter suspends ‘liberal’ anti-Modi journalist Salil Tripathi for violating rules

Twitter has suspended the account of 'liberal' political commentator and journalist Salil Tripathi for violating its rules.

People recall Lalu’s jungle raj terror, as some ‘liberals’ try to whitewash his crimes

Twitterati recalls their growing up years when Bihar was ruled by Lalu and his proxies.

No, Dear Sir, Rahul Gandhi forgiving the killers of his father does not make him a great leader

Unconditional forgiveness can be liberating but for all the wrong reasons

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