Friday, June 14, 2024



Modi government approves borrowing limit of ₹21,253 Crore for Kerala to help the state tackle its economic crisis

PM Narendra Modi has come forward to assist Kerala in a bid to alleviate the state from the economic crisis as the Centre has sanctioned borrowings up to Rs 21,253 crores.

China imposes sanction on US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her Taiwan visit

Days after US House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, Chinese govt imposed sanctions on her and her family

Delhi police asks Arvind Kejriwal’s sanction to prosecute Kanhaiya, Umar for ‘tukde tukde case’ as ‘Kattar deshbhakt’ continues to delay

Delhi Police has asked the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi govt to clear pending request to prosecute Kanhaiya Kumar, others in JNU sedition case

Prime Minister Modi finds his nerves tested by the US on Iran

India-US relations for the moment are several notches down than they have ever been since Trump came to power.

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