Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Sarai Kale Khan Ground Report

They attacked us after we signed a consent affidavit in police station, attacked our women too: More tales of horror emerge from Sarai Kale...

The Sarai Kale Khan incident is a bleak reminder of how rabid Islamists have always posed a threat to communal harmony

‘We would have died if we returned home’: Mother of Sumit, who married Muslim girl, reveals how the mob surrounded them at police station

The attack on Hindus by a Muslim mob at Harijan Basti in Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi occurred over an interfaith marriage.

‘Muslim mob wanted to burn the place down, pulled us by the hair, Sabina threatened ‘Khoon ki Holi’ and called us ‘Bh*ngis’: Hear the...

Hindu residents of Harijan Basti at Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi were attacked on Saturday night by a Muslim mob.

Muslim mob picked stones from construction site near Masjid, police cleared debris before media could reach: Hindus of Harijan Basti tell OpIndia

Hindu Houses in Delhi were attacked by a Muslim mob on Saturday night after a Muslim woman decided to marry a Dalit man.

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