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‘Alpha-numeric code just a security feature’: SBI’s response in SC busts far-fetched insinuations by The Quint’s Poonam Agarwal on electoral bonds

The Quint's Poonam Agarwal had claimed that the alpha-numeric codes would enable Centre to link electoral bond donors with political parties, but SBI's response has proven it false now.

Is electoral bonds data between March 2018 and March 2019 missing? How ‘journalists’ and Congress trolls spread fake news after SBI disclosure

SBI released data on Electoral Bonds bought by various entities from the State Bank of India in compliance with SC order.

SBI furnishes electoral bonds details to the Election Commission of India

The details of the sale and purchase of electoral bonds shared by the SBI are in a raw form, India Today reported citing sources. The raw data reveals who bought bonds worth how much and in favour of which political party.

‘No need to match donors with parties’: SC dismisses SBI’s extension plea in Electoral bonds case, directs it to furnish details by tomorrow

The court directed SBI to disclose the details by the close of business hours on March 12 and asked ECI to publish the details by 5 PM on March 15.

‘Govt initiatives improving rural livelihood’: SBI Research report corroborates NSSO findings on decline in ‘consumption inequality’ in India

According to SBI Research, rural poverty has decreased from 25.7% (2011-12) to 7.2% (2022-2023) while urban poverty has reduced from 13.7% (2011-12) to 4.6% (2022-2023).

Ram Mandir and tourism initiatives to add Rs 25,000 crore to UP’s tax revenue: SBI Report

As per the estimates, by the end of the year, the total expenditure by tourists in the state could surpass the Rs 4 lakh crore mark.  

Indian economy adds 5.2 crore new formal jobs in FY20-FY23, women’s share 27%: Report

The total payroll generation of the EPFO and NPS combined is over 5.2 crore from FY20 to FY23. The share of women's payroll was around 27 per cent.

Indian Economy to grow at 8.3% in the first quarter and 6.7% in FY24: What the SBI research says

SBI’s Chief Economic Advisor, Ghosh added that the first quarter of 2023-24 saw a huge increase in capital expenditure both by the centre (63%) and the states (41%).

Banking sector improved in past 9 years under Modi govt: SBI research finds tripling in net profit, 2x increase in credit and deposit growth

The net profit of banks increased from ₹809 trillion to 2,480 trillion between Financial Year 2013-2014 and Financial Year 2022-2023.

Modi government’s efficient policy is helping the growth of the middle class: SBI report reveals upward mobility, threshold income to reach ₹50 lakhs in...

The per capita income is expected to rise from ₹2 lakhs in this FY2023 to ₹14.9 lakhs by FY 2047.

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