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Sectarian politics

‘North Indians have taken over my Mumbai’: Rajdeep Sardesai, who lives in Delhi, gets schooled on lessons in federalism

"Friend, you North Indians came to Mumbai and took over my city," Rajdeep Sardesai told Saurabh Diwvedi.

Arvind Kejriwal shouldn’t link everything with religion: Vivek Tiwari’s wife on Kejriwal’s ‘communal twist’ to Lucknow murder

Unfortunate that Arvind Kejriwal has taken the political discourse in India to such a low level where he communalises a death.

Shekhar Gupta and his website slammed for making open defecation a Hindu-Muslim issue

People weren't amused by the analysis carried on The Print

From Masuka to Communal Violence Bill, the dangers of UPA 3 can be unimaginable

Hindus will set themselves up for a lot of trouble if they vote for Congress

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