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The girl's body was found floating in the river with broken bones and injury marks on the private parts
20 women have pledged to testify in the court about MJ Akbar's predatory behaviour.
Victim says she didn't speak up earlier as she thought Dua was on her side, on the Left's side
In the note, Bhatia says that he had urged the women to come forward with more details but none of them have
A total of 3 women have till now opened up against Jatin Das
The journalists have urged the court to hear their testimonies against MJ Akbar
Jatin Das has denied the allegations and called them "vulgar".
Nishtha Jain says how impartial investigation is possible when Vinod Dua is still part of The Wire
In other words, the  #MeToo movement has brought the establishment face to face with decades of its own crimes.
As per reports, Akbar has tendered his resignation to the Principal Secretary. 
She even accused him of humiliating her during the job interview
Thus far, he has not issued any statement in this regard.
Symbiosis has appealed to the students to come forward, promising them help
Maharashtra Commission for Women sent a notice to Nana Patekar yesterday over the sexual harassment allegations levelled by Tanushree Dutta
People are also demanding that Amazon and YouTube also removes the content of AIB from their platforms
Women have been coming out and sharing their harassment stories
AIB has admitted that they knew about the sexual harassment by Utsav Chabraborty and yet did nothing
I don't appreciate being lectured by people who cover up for sexual predators.
The left will never call out its own. Women be damned. Victims be damned. Ideals be damned.
And the left ecosystem does indeed look out for one of their own, even if it goes against everything they pretend to stand for.
They fear that the women may be murdered if their identities are confirmed
The police investigation has revealed that two more boys had also been sexually abused by the priest.
Some claim that the allegations are part of an internal power struggle within the Church.
State government shelter homes run by Brijesh Thakur's NGO was functioning as a brothel, 34 underage girls were raped
Mother of the victim followed Khan while he was taking the girl, caught him red-handed and handed over to police
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