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Delhi court directs to initiate trial against Sharjeel Imam in the sedition case, to conduct day to day hearing

Delhi court to start day to day hearing for trial against Delhi riots accused Sharjeel Imam in sedition case

Delhi Police opposes bail plea of sedition accused Sharjeel Imam, say he may threaten witnesses, re-engage in riot-like activities

Delhi police said that if Sharjeel Imam is granted bail, he may evade the process of law and jump, threaten witnesses

‘This is just trailer, movie is still left’, prosecutor reveals what Sharjeel Imam said during Shaheen Bagh protests, opposes bail plea

The prosecutor, opposing the bail plea of Sharjeel Imam, said the plan of the Delhi riots accused was to overthrow the govt and throw the country into complete anarchy.

‘Blood has to be shed, ready to ignite fire’, prosecutors provide WhatsApp chats as more evidence to oppose Umar Khalid’s bail plea

Opposing the bail plea of Umar Khalid, prosecutors said that lathis and red chili are not used in peaceful protests

‘Umar Khalid was remotely supervising the Delhi riots like 9/11 conspirators,’ prosecutors cite US terror attack to oppose Khalid’s bail plea

Delhi police opposed bail application of Umar Khalid by drawing parallels between Delhi riots and 9/11 terror attacks in the USA

Cow protection, bringing ‘Hindustan to knees’, anti-Brahmin rants, more: Analysis of order framing sedition, other charges against Sharjeel Imam

Delhi Court has found sufficient grounds to proceed against Sharjeel Imam for offences in the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1949 (UAPA) and sedition

Delhi court frames fresh charges of sedition and UAPA against Sharjeel Imam for his inflammatory speeches against CAA

Sharjeel Imam was arrested in 2020 for his secessionist remarks, calling for the dismember of Assam from the rest of India

Allahabad High Court grants bail to Sharjeel Imam in sedition case

Despite being granted bail by Allahabad High Court, Sharjeel Imam to stay in jail.

When Delhi riots accused Sharjeel Imam explained why Indian Muslims have always celebrated Pakistan’s cricket match win against India

Sharjeel Imam stated that he knew more about Pakistani cricketer Saeed Anwar's wife, her looks and other details, but didn't know as much about Saurav Ganguly.

Another no-bail prize for Sharjeel Imam over inflammatory speech, Court quotes Swami Vivekananda while dismissing plea

Sharjeel Imam was arrested by Delhi Police on 28th January, 2020 from Bihar over inflammatory speeches against the CAA.

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