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Sheikh Hasina

‘Burn Indian sarees of your wives first’: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina blasts BNP over ‘Boycott India’ campaign

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina came down hard against BNP leaders, asking them to burn their wives' Indian sarees first before running 'Boycott India' campaign.

Strong stance against terror, commitment to democracy, regional stability and more: Why Sheikh Hasina’s election victory is good news for India

One of the key highlights of Sheikh Hasina's political career has been her commitment to regional cooperation and stability. Under her leadership, Bangladesh has fostered strong ties with India.

Bangladesh: Sheikh Hasina wins a record fifth term as Prime Minister, wins her Gopalganj-3 constituency almost unopposed

PM Sheikh Hasina and Awami League president has won the Gopalganj-3 constituency almost unopposed in a landslide victory bagging 2,49,962 votes in Sunday's 12th general election. The total number of seats in this constituency is 108.

India is most welcome, we are very lucky that India is our trusted friend: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina says as the country goes to...

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina said, "We are very lucky that India is our trusted friend. During our liberation war, they supported us."

Clear signs of US trying to topple Sheikh Hasina govt: Regime change operation underway in Bangladesh and why India should be alert

Attempts are now being made to distort the public perception of incumbent Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and present her as an 'autocratic leader.'

Bangladesh opposition protest turns violent as supporters clash with police amid calls for PM to resign, 1 cop killed

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) spokesman Faruq Hossain said one officer had been killed and 41 others were injured in clashes with protesters.

How Canada is shielding Noor Chowdhury, the assassin of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founding father of Bangladesh

Noor Chowdhury, a self-confessed killer of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is currently safeguarded by Canadian law against deportations.

Bangladesh govt furious on European Parliament’s resolution on political group Odhikar, calls it interference in judicial process of a sovereign nation

"The timing and language of the joint motion, tabled by some political groups in the European Parliament, for making judgemental comments over sub-judice matters and a court verdict on two ‘Odhikar’ officials delivered today in Dhaka is reflective of their intention of interfering into the independent judiciary of a sovereign state, the statement said." 

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee complaints about not being invited to meet Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina: Here is what the Modi govt said

Mamata Banerjee criticised the Modi govt for not inviting her to meet Bangladesh PM, Sheikh Hasina - here is what the govt said

‘Urdu was imposed upon us with the creation of Pakistan, the movement for Bangla language gave us independence’: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

PM Sheikh Hasina also spoke about the Language movement of 1952 that culminated into the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.

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