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shivraj patil

Former Union Minister Shivraj Patil’s 81-year-old cousin shoots himself dead with a licensed revolver

Shivraj Patil's cousin Chandrasekhar Chakurkar, also known as Hanmantrao Patil, shot himself in the head with his licensed revolver

Congress distances itself from Shivraj Patil’s comments saying Gita teaches Jihad, Jairam Ramesh says the remarks are unacceptable

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said that Shivraj Patil comparing Gita with Jihad is unacceptable

5 dangerous tropes and falsities that Shivraj Patil is encouraging by comparing Jihad with the Mahabharat war or Dharma Yuddh

Congress leader Shivraj Patil stirred the hornet’s nest after he claimed that the concept of ‘Jihad’ is a part of the Bhagavad Gita and that it was taught to Arjuna by Lord Krishna.

UPA govt insider reveals shocking details of how ‘Hindu terror’ bogey was maliciously manufactured

RVS Mani stated that in his working years he has never come across a single actionable input regarding Hindu Terror

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