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Congress presidential elections: When party chief Sitaram Kesri was locked in a room to make way for Sonia Gandhi

Sitaram Kesri died in 2000 after being subject to glaring indifference by a party, to which he dedicated his entire life.

‘Ladki Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon’ slogan by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is silly and self defeating

Priyanka Gandhi, why don't you first give up your family name, fortune, manpower and money power and then 'fight' to show how you 'can'?

Priyanka Gandhi’s Twitter faux pas, takes three attempts for condolence tweet

At 10:38 AM, four minutes after her first tweet, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tweeted correct condolence message to correct intended recipient on third attempt.

Shashi Tharoor speaks out on President-mukt Congress, suggests democratic ‘elections’ in a party which epitomises dynasty politics

Congress is having a leadership crisis since Rahul Gandhi decided to resign from the post of party president after the 2019 general elections debacle.

OpIndia Impact: Congress party updates its website after mistakes and omissions were pointed out

Congress party has included Sitaram Kesari in its past president list, and corrected a key detail about Rajiv Gandhi on its website

Name of Sitaram Kesri, not a favourite of Sonia Gandhi, missing from Congress’ official website as former party president

Sitaram Kesri was reportedly locked up in the bathroom at Congress headquarters in Akbar Road so he could not stop Sonia from entering the office with her supporters to take over as party president.

Rahul Gandhi is a sadist who not only picks on wounds but even rubs salt on them

Rahul Gandhi's crass comments on the 91-year-old Advani are shameful, to say the least

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