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France passes law granting police the power to spy on people through mobile phones

As France grapples with rising violence and ongoing riots primarily involving Islamic refugees, the passage of this law reflects the government's determination to combat the security challenges faced by the country.

MHA gives sanction to prosecute Manish Sisodia in snooping case

The CBI had sought sanction to register an FIR against Sisodia, who heads the Vigilance department of the Delhi government, under which the AAP government had in 2015 surreptitiously created the FBU- an Extra Constitutional-Extra Judicial Intelligence Agency to allegedly spy on different Ministries, Opposition political parties, entities and individuals. 

Delhi BJP marches against AAP over snooping by Delhi govt’s feedback unit, demands removal of Manish Sisodia

AAP govt had formed a feedback unit to strengthen vigilance, but this unit was allegedly involved in snooping of AAP's political opponents.

Supreme Court appointed expert committee finds no evidence of snooping using Pegasus app in phones submitted for analysis: Report

Reports state that SC appointed committee has not found any evidence of snooping using Pegasus in phones it studies

Rahul Gandhi and Congress party relies on NYT, twists their story to target the Modi govt on Pegasus yet again: How they are wrong

Govt has every right to use surveillance tools against enemies of nation, and it may have purchased Pegasus for the same

Kerala government’s draft bill seeks to permit the police to start snooping on citizens without even getting approval first: Reports

Kerala government has introduced a draft bill that will enable the State police to snoop on anyone without prior approval from competent authorities

Supreme Court asks why nobody filed a complaint in the Pegasus snooping allegations, catches lie by N Ram: Details of the hearing

Supreme Court asked why suddenly so many petitions in Pegasus snooping allegations when the issue is known for two years

Congress spokesperson accuses Modi govt of hacking phones of BJP leaders Smriti Irani and Vasundhara Raja, hints the phones have explicit content

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate claimed that Modi govt is snooping on phones of female BJP leaders

Journalist who forged Rafale documents to lie about scam, now approaches Supreme Court alleging a snooping scandal that has no merit

Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, N. Ram had desperately tried to create an anti-Modi narrative by digitally altering some documents to make the Rafale deal look suspicious.

Did you know? US National Security Agency was authorised to spy on BJP when it was an opposition party

In 2014, Edward Snowden had released certain classified documents, which revealed that NSA was authorised to spy on BJP.

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