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Pakistani flag would flutter over Junagarh: ‘Nawab of Junagadh’ Jahangir Khan, who lives in Pakistan, claims the former princely state will become part of...

Jahangir Khan said, "Junagarh belongs to Pakistan. It is time for Pakistan to raise its voice about India's occupation of Junagadh."

Jammu and Kashmir to be given statehood at an appropriate time, Kashmiri Pandits will be resettled by 2022: Home Minister Amit Shah

Amit Shah said that the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation (Amendment) Bill has nothing to do with statehood of the union territory

Karnataka: Police detain 8 people for trying to hoist ‘Uttara Karnataka flag’ in Belagavi

The Karnataka police on Wednesday detained eight people for trying to hoist 'Uttara Karnataka flag' in Hirebagewadi, Belagavi

Gorkhaland, a demand whose time has come: Demand of the sons of the soil and the myths that tarnish the movement

When Ladakh’s JamyangTsering Namgyal spoke in Parliament, his voice resonated 'Gorkhaland'

Know the difference between the new union territories: Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh

Jammu and Kashmir will have a legislature and state govt like Delhi, while Ladakh will be completely under central govt

Greece takes Church priests off government payroll, ends their ‘civil-servant’ status

The decision is being viewed as a step towards the separation of the Church from the State.

When we become selective with free speech, we give the State a direct pathway to suppress our rights

Wake up and smell the coffee. Today it is Abhijit Iyer, tomorrow it could be you and I

OBC data to be collected for the first time in Independent India: Home ministry

The center is all set to collect data on other backward classes in the 2021 census for the first time since 1931.

Democracy – A photo story of Karnataka elections

Photos tell a story of excitement in poll-bound Karnataka.

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