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British man, abandoned by UK, shot in war-torn Sudan, his disabled wife starves to death

Britain sent its Army and Royal Air Force to evacuate diplomats staying at their embassy in Khartoum. But, the family of Abdalla Sholgami was not rescued.

Meet Santosh Jain: A financial exec working in Sudan who provided diesel for Indian Embassy’s vehicles during Operation Kaveri

During Operation Kaveri, Santosh Jain provided diesel for Indian Embassy vehicles and helped in rescuing 162 families.

Members of Hakki Pikki tribe evacuated from Sudan meet PM Modi, thank him for the proactive steps taken by the government

Expressing happiness towards the Prime Minister, they said that in their heart, they feel he represents the strength of not the double engine but a triple engine.

Operation Kaveri: 12th flight carrying 230 Indian evacuees from Sudan departs from Jeddah for Mumbai

Under 'Operation Kaveri', the 12th flight carrying 231 stranded Indian evacuees, departed from Jeddah on a Mumbai-bound flight. 

Operation Kaveri: 18th batch of Indian evacuees depart Port Sudan for Jeddah

18th batch of Indian evacuees was carried from Port Sudan to Jeddah, where they will be brought to India under Operation Kaveri.

While USA pontificates to India regularly, here is how it conducted its first rescue mission after media reported brewing anger among citizens stuck in...

Americans stuck in the situation expressed anger over the US government for leaving them to navigate the complicated and dangerous situation on their own.

Operation Devi Shakti, Operation Ganga, and Operation Kaveri: Three years, three successful rescue missions by the Modi govt

Modi government launched three operations in less than three years and evacuated over 20,000 Indians from war-hit countries, with Operation Kaveri being the latest.

Small degraded airstrip, unlit runway: How IAF pilots conducted daring operation using night vision goggles to rescue Indians from Sudan

So far, 1,360 stranded Indians have been rescued under 'Operation Kaveri' from war-torn Sudan

Operation Kaveri: 754 Indians evacuated from Sudan reaches Delhi and Bengaluru from Jeddah on IAF’s C-17 Globemaster planes

392 Indians reach Delhi and 362 Indians reach Bengaluru from Jeddah after their evacuation from Sudan under Operation Kaveri

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