Thursday, May 23, 2024


sunil chhetri

Congress supporters, Live Hindustan and others attribute misleading quote on Manipur to Sunil Chhetri: Details

A fake quote on Manipur has been attributed to India's ace footballer and Men's team captain Sunil Chhetri

Footballer Sunil Chhetri wins the internet after he helps a fan to get a free subscription from Netflix to pass time during lockdown

Fan asks footballer Sunil Chhetri to share Netflix account details to use during the lockdown, gets Chhetri’s signed jersey and Netflix subscription card

India responds to Sunil Chhetri’s heartfelt appeal : Match tickets sold out!

Sunil Chhetri's appeal seems to have worked magic

Dear football fans, it’s time to throng to the stadiums to watch the Indian team play

It's time to go to the stadiums to support our national team to develop the sport.

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