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Australia: Queensland brings legislation to ban hate symbols, Swastika to be exempted after Hindu groups objected to its inclusion as Nazi symbol

After Hindus objected to use of the word Swastika for Nazi Hakenkreuz by Queensland MP Annastacia Palaszczuk, she deleted the post

California recognises the difference between peaceful Hindu Swastika and Nazi Hakenkreuz

In an amendment introduced in the Legislative Assembly, California recognised difference between peaceful Hindu Swastika and Nazi Hakenkreuz.

Hakenkreuz, not Swastika: Australia’s Victoria state govt plans to bring in a law to ban public display of Nazi symbol

The govt of Victoria state in Australia has tabled a legislation to ban the use of Nazi Hakenkreuz, but allows Swastika

New York State Assembly bills remove references calling Hindu religious symbol Swastika ‘anti-semitic’ and ‘fascist’: Here is what we know so far

New York Senate and State Assembly dropped the reference to Hindu Swastika as an 'anti-Semitic' and 'fascist symbol' in their bills

India Today displays its Hinduphobia, equates Hindu Swastika to the Nazi Hakenkreuz and Russian symbol of war ‘Z’

A report published in India Today said the Russia's symbol of war 'Z' is the new Swastika.

Indian origin MP Chandra Arya urges Canadian parliament to distinguish between the Hindu Swastika and the Nazi Hakenkreuz

Chandra Arya stated that the Hindu symbol of bliss Swastika should not be equated with the Nazi symbol of hatred Hakenkreuz.

New York bill requires compulsory teaching of Dharmic symbol Swastika as a hate symbol: Here is why Hindus are outraged

Back in January, New York State Senator Todd Kaminsky introduced a bill in the New York Senate which would mandatorily require schools in the State of New York to teach 'Swastika' as an example of hate symbol

US: Town Council refuses to change the name of ‘Swastika’ hamlet, says it is the name of a Holy Hindu symbol that pre-dates Nazi...

The hamlet drew the name of Swastika in 1913 after the federal government provided a list of all potential names

Jewish group bullies Indian-origin student in USA for saying that Hindu ‘Swastika’ is a peace symbol and different from Nazi symbol

American Student Simran Tatuskar had to face a tremendous amount of bullying after she said that Hindu 'Swastika' is a peaceful symbol

Altnews, co-founded by two Muslims, spreads misinformation about Hindu Swastika

Alt News falsely claims that Swastika without four dots can't be Hindu symbol

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