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Soft Hindutva of Congress: Journalist reveals how Rahul Gandhi avoided Muslim areas during his temple run in Gujarat, video viral

While Rahul Gandhi might resume his temple runs again in the hopes of winning Hindu votes, the electorates are unlikely to forget his duplicity.

Rahul Gandhi wants Murugha Math to send him a private tutor because he has read about seer Basavanna ‘a little’

Rahul Gandhi requested Murugha Math in Karnataka to send a private tutor to him to teach Ishtalinga and Shivayoga

Posters declaring Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as Ram Bhakt emerge in Ayodhya ahead of her visit to the city

The temple visits of the Gandhi siblings right before the elections are an example of what all can elections make the politician do.

Congress to ‘please’ gods to win all 29 seats in Madhya Pradesh, outsource the task to a minister

In 2014, Congress had won 3 seats in Madhya Pradesh while BJP swept the remaining 26 seats in the state

Congress plans another temple run for Rahul Gandhi ahead of polls in Madhya Pradesh

Congress would do well to not underestimate the intelligence of the people of Madhya Pradesh

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