Topic: the quint's rejection by IFCN further confirms that the organization of fact-checkers is merely another liberal echo-chamber. It also shows that IFCN is concerned less about the quality of fact-checking and more about the political inclinations of the applicant.
Pakistan quoted several articles published in Indian to present its case during Kulbhushan Jadhav hearing at the International Court of Justice
BJP President Amit Shah discharged from AIIMS, after 4-day long treatment from Swine Flu
In the hustle and bustle of the day, it is only natural to miss some of the biggest developments that impact the nation. The OpIndia Evening Dispatch will catch you up on the day's event even if you have been busy thus far.
Trolls from NDTV, The Wire and The Quint got together to celebrate and wish death upon Amit Shah after he was diagnosed with Swine Flu
The East Coast Railways Spokesperson has said that no trees were felled to make a temporary helipad for Prime Minister Modi in Odisha, only some shrubs and saplings were removed
The civil defamation suit follows a legal notice served on The Quint in May this year
Only a piece of paper was thrown at the stage, not stone
The media had blamed political vendetta for the raids against Bahl.
They do not even want law enforcement authorities to investigate them
Bahl has asserted that he was and has been fully 'tax compliant',
It is being reported that other professionals are also being raided
It all began with Utsav Chakraborty from All India Bakchod.
The media and the intellectual elite have a habit of whitewashing the crimes of one of their own.
After Maharashtra police arrested five individuals for links to Bhima Koregaon violence, certain media portals are already out with the verdict of their innocence
He says that it was owing to the mass circulation of misrepresentation that he started getting threatening calls
Because why do we even need external enemies when the internal enemies are doing a great job.
A call for his lynching is made in the name of “just laughs.” Shias, meanwhile, are no Muslims in their eyes.
'Operation 136' alleged that media outlets were willing to promote pro-Hindutva content in lieu of monetary favours.
The Quint responded to a volunteer driven report on OpIndia, but they were once again not truthful.
The Quint has been dangerously presenting lies as truth by using innocent farmers to manufacture fake news.
This seems like a saga of doctored video, half-truths and whole lies
Sham Sharma calls out The Quint's hollow claims and asserts that the PM, in fact, stated nothing incorrect
This is not the first time The Quint has tried to whitewash terrorists.
It's not paranoia if they are really out to get us
Pakistan has been given time till 17 July 2018 by the Court to file its response

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