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Under-19 girls’ singles badminton: Tasnim Mir becomes first Indian to rank No.1 in the world

Tasnim Mir, a junior category shuttler, has become the world's number-1 badminton player in the women's singles category of Under-19.

From Nidhi’s Harvard job to Aurangabad teen’s NASA claims: Most talked about frauds of 2021

Year 2021 saw journalist Nidhi Razdan falling for a fake job offer from Harvard and witnessed child activist Licipriya's father being exposed as a scamster who conned students.

Diya emoji makes to ‘most popular emojis’ list worldwide, thanks to Diwali

According to the website, Diya, Sparkle, and Om are the most popular emojis on Diwali. Other relevant emojis for the festival include Hindu Temple, Pray, Fireworks, Sari, Indian Flag and more.

India makes it to the list of top 50 most innovative economies in the Global Innovation Index, tops in Central and South Asia region

India topped the list of the most innovative economies in the Central and South Asia, ranked 48th globally jumping 4 places

India vs New Zealand: Dhoni gambled, but Guptill pulled out an Ace at the end

India’s worst fears came true in the semi-final match.

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