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Tripura mosque violence

Journalist with bylines in The Wire and HW News, who tried to fan violence in Tripura, now seen trying to use Indian students in...

On November 13 last year, the Tripura Police had detained Samriddhi K Sakunia for publishing fake news, with the intent to spread communal violence.

Was the fake news about ‘Panisagar mosque arson’ an attempt to grab land? New details emerge

Fake news stories about the burning of a mosque in Panisagar began to do the rounds of the internet recently.

Here are a couple of propaganda techniques used to not only blame Hindus for violence by Muslims but also paint aggressors as ‘good samaritans’

Violence had gripped the state of Maharashtra this week, most notably the city of Amravati in Vidarbha, following protests by Muslims

Violence in Maharashtra: A saga of fake news, an Islamist organisation, organised protest and political patronage

Nanded, Malegaon and Amravati in Maharashtra witnessed mob violence on rumours of vandalization of a mosque in Tripura.

Tu agar jhooth bhi bole toh, aitbaar karun – How love for liberalism makes one blind to lies

Tripura incident has again brought to the fore that the absolutely brazen behaviour of shooting from the hip and shrugging off responsibility of actions is a trick as old as time.

Corporators, former councillors, brother-in-law of a politician involved in Malegaon violence triggered by Islamists: Report

Violence erupted in Malegaon on Friday after Muslim supporters protested against the alleged vandalisation of Tripura mosques. Tripura govt had clarified earlier that the news of vandalization was fake.

Demanding blasphemy law, calling Saudi Arabia ‘not Muslim enough’: What Raza Academy, responsible for Maharashtra violence, has been up to

Raza Academy is an Islamist organization that has been involved in incidents of communal violence.

Raza Academy behind communal violence in Maharashtra: Here is everything you need to know about the Islamist outfit

Raza Academy was founded in 1978. Its office is located on Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai. The Islamist outfit was established to publish and propagate the work of Sunni leader Ahmed Raza Khan, who lived in the 20th century.

‘Muslim mob attacked with swords, pelted stones at Hindu establishments’: Local BJP leaders on Amravati violence

Amravati was in throes of violence last week after protesters rioted over alleged vandalisation of mosque in Tripura

Tripura Police detains 2 HW News journalists for publishing fake news to spread communal violence

Tripura Police detained two HW News journalists for spreading fake news of mosque vandalism in the state. False news of vandalism has been used to spread riots and vandalism in Maharashtra.

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