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Language in TVF Web Series ‘College Romance’ vulgar and obscene, had to use headphones to watch it: Delhi High Court orders FIR

Justice Sharma said that she had to use earphones while watching the TVF web series as the profanity in the web series could have alarmed the people around her.

From Pitchers to Panchayat, how ‘Jeetu Bhaiyya’ has become the most bankable star in the Indian web series industry

TVF has done many good things for the world of Indian web series, maybe the best thing they did out of them all was to introduce Jitendra Kumar to the Indian audience.

TVF Qtiyapa uses the same language as Islamic terrorists, mocks PM Modi using Gau Mutra slurs

TVF uploaded a meme making a Gau Mutra jibe to mock Bear Gryll's upcoming episode of Man Vs Wild on Discovery Channel where PM Modi will appear as a special guest.

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