Sunday, June 26, 2022



United States of America: Congressional hearing on UFOs on May 17 – Here is what to expect

Last open hearing on UFOs was held in early 1970 when Air Force closed a public investigation on UFOs known as Project Blue Book.

NASA hints at the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, wants to establish framework to report findings: Details

NASA is encouraging the scientists to develop a new framework that can help provide context to the findings of alien life.

UFO report calls UAP potential national security threat to USA, says stigma prevents data collection: Read the startling admissions

The UFO report does not rule out extraterrestrial origin and says there is probably not a single explanation for all the sightings.

Senior official in Trump admin says USA ‘has secret evidence of UFOs doing things human technology cannot’

Trump's DNI John Ratcliffe said that USA has 'secret evidence' of UFOs performing actions not possible with human technology.

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