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UK Prime Minister

Hamas terror attacks: UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to host a Cobra emergency meeting on the ongoing situation in Israel

Sunak has already pledged to provide diplomatic, intelligence, or security support to Israel following the Hamas terror attacks.

Here is all you need to know about the controversy around Rishi Sunak, the leading contender to succeed UK PM Boris Johnson

Rishi Sunak currently holds the office of Chancellor of the Exchequer or Finance Minister of the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom: As Labour Party takes anti-India stand, Indian diaspora to campaign for Conservatives in December 2019 elections

The British Indian vote has the ability to decide the outcome of nearly 40 seats in the upcoming elections and could be a gamechanger if they vote en masse for one single party in the UK elections. 

Kashmir bilateral issue, says UK PM Boris Johnson to PM Modi, regrets anti-India protests in London on August 15

British PM made it clear that Kashmir remains a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan. Calls for dialogue between the two nations.

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