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Twenty-four sexual predators jailed in the UK: How Britain is reeling from the scourge of grooming jihad

Police called the assault which included rape and offence "abhorrent in the extreme" related to human trafficking in the UK.

London: Sword-wielding man attacks police officers and civilians in Hainault, arrested

The sword-wielding accused man smashed a vehicle into a house in Thurlow Gardens, London, before stabbing several people.

‘Leave the institution if you don’t like it’: High Court rejects Muslim girl’s petition against prohibition on namaz in British school

Thirty students began praying namaz in the school's yard in March of last year while kneeling on blazers.

Britain: ‘Monster’ man murders wife, chops her body into 224 pieces, keeps them in his kitchen for a week before dumping the remains in...

The offender was extremely controlling and manipulative and didn't even permit his wife to visit her family.

UK: Tunisian asylum-seeker Maher Marroufe, who killed and nearly beheaded Indian-origin Student Sabita Thanwani, gets Psychiatric confinement from court

According to the prosecution, during his psychotic episodes, Maaroufe, who sometimes smoked 10 pounds of cannabis a day, “thought she was the male devil".

Greece wants its ‘stolen’ sculptures from the Parthenon back, Britain says no: Read why a diplomatic row started between Greek PM Mitsotakis and British...

The Greek PM had called for the Parthenon sculptures to be returned and maintained that they were "essentially stolen". This irked the UK government and Rishi Sunak cancelled his scheduled meeting with Greek PM.

UN expert says jail sentences for ‘Just Stop Oil’ protesters who disrupted traffic for 40 hours are against international law

The UN expert said handing out jail sentences to 'Just Stop Oil' protesters was a breach of international law.

Pro-Khalistan elements roam free, police don’t take any action: Sikh restaurant owner says the separatist movement is active in the UK

Khalistani extremists stormed Harman Kapoor's restaurant called "Rangrez, the Taste of Punjab" just a few days after they swarmed the Indian High Commission in London.

London: Sikh restaurant owner’s car shot at and vandalised months after he spoke against Khalistanis, had received death and rape threats but no action...

Unknown assailants allegedly fired shots at the car of Sikh restaurant owner Harman Singh Kapoor in London, who had spoken against Khalistanis

How Justin Trudeau tried to alienate Modi Govt and support Khalistani terrorism ahead of G20, but failed as his Five Eyes allies did not...

Trudeau tried a lot to have a joint statement against India along with his Five Eyes partners, but failed to get it, says a WaPo report quoting top Western official.

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