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UN Peacekeeping

Pakistan Army Colonel converting UN mission employees, predominantly Christian, to Islam in Congo: Read details

A Pakistan Army official is accused of converting UN mission employees in Congo where Islam is in minority

UN faces severe cash crunch: Austerity measures in places, restricts heating and AC, stops hiring

The UN's cash crisis is mainly due to member nations not paying their annual assessment bills.

With $230 million deficit, United Nations could run out of money by October end, warns UN chief Antonio Guterres

The UN Secretary-General Guterres said member states of the international body have only paid 70 per cent of the total amount needed for regular budget operations in 2019.

Indian Army officer on UN peacekeeping mission found dead in Congo, had gone missing on Saturday while kayaking in Lake Kivu

Lieutenant Colonel on UN peacekeeping deputation found dead, had gone missing on Saturday

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