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Unacademy sacks Karan Sangwan after he praises British-made laws, uses it to make a politically motivated speech to students: Details

"We were forced to part ways with Karan Sangwan as he was in breach of the Code of Conduct," Unacademy's co-founder said.

Do not vote for illiterate politicians: Unacademy educator rants against the govt over 3 new criminal justice laws, praises British-made laws that are being...

Unacademy educator Karan Sangwan asked the students to not vote for those who only focus on changing names.

Despite Allen Institute’s threats, Unacademy opens its doors in Kota: All you need to know inside the ‘Kota Factory’

With Unacademy's rival BYJU's already opening offline tuition centres, its announcement to do the same starting with Kota put a challenge before its established offline contemporaries - notably the Allen Institute.

Brazen Hinduphobia of Unacademy: Online education platform paints Hindus as anti-Muslim bigots, blames third party after outrage

Hindus were described as attacking Muslims for celebrating Eid in their area in a mock test paper published by Unacademy

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