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urban naxals

‘Long live Naxalbari’, ‘Boycott elections’: Anti-nationals desecrate walls of Lady Shri Ram College, call for ‘revolution’ to undermine Indian democracy

Interestingly, the development coincides with the killing of at least 7 Naxalites in an encounter with the security forces on the inter-district border of Narayanpur and Bijapur districts in Chhattisgarh.

Hamid Mir misinterprets Modi’s urban naxal as ‘Arab nasal’: A manifestation of Pakistan’s growing anxiety over India’s ties with Arab nations

Hamid Mir's diatribe against PM Modi and his wilful misinterpretation of 'urban naxal' jibe as 'Arab Nasal' reflects Pakistan's nervousness with India's deepening ties with Muslim majority countries in the Middle East.

PUCL, with links to Urban Naxals, comes out in support of China-funded NewsClick, had earlier supported Jihadi PFI as well: Details

After raiding 30 locations connected to China-funded NewsClick and interrogating 43 employees for hours, the Delhi Police arrested NewsClick founder and its editor-in-chief Prabir Purkayastha and Amit Chakravarty

Saket Gokhale asks for details on Urban Naxals: Here’s how he should inquire about it to TMC ally and INDI alliance partner Congress

The UPA govt in an affidavit filed in November 2013 said that urban Naxals come to control “mass organisations” organically linked to Maoists under the cover of human rights.

‘Congress is being run by Urban Naxals, stop it from turning MP into a BIMARU state again’: PM Modi in Bhopal

PM Modi said that the Congress is working in cohorts with Urban Naxals. He added that the Congress has lost its willpower and that its grassroots workers have been sitting quietly.

From Nuh to London: How a seemingly small Netherlands website spreads anti-Hindu propaganda and has links with ISIS quoted ‘journalist’, LeT linked org, leftists...

'Foundation the London Story' is connected to a web of urban naxals, leftist propagandists, dubious fact-checkers and influential/ powerful donors.

Lawyers give new twist to Urban Naxal Gautam Navlakha case, despite connections to ISI, argue that he went there as a “journalist”

Gautam Navlakha's lawyer argued in the court that just because he had interviewed Maoist leaders, he has links with them

US-based company claims Stan Swamy was framed using ‘planted files’ on his computer, whereas charge-sheet mentioned emails

US based Arsenal Consulting claims files were planted on computer of Stan Swamy to frame him, while evidence against him include emails and messages

‘I did no wrong, so I won’t apologise’: Anand Ranganathan in contempt case over ‘whatever happened to dissent being safety valve of democracy’ remark

Anand Ranganathan said he has done nothing wrong, and he continues to remain a free speech absolutist, so he won't apologise.

SC finds nothing ‘alarming’ in Gautam Navlakha wanting to be under house arrest in a CPI-owned house, dismisses NIA’s appeal

Supreme Court has ordered to shift Gautam Navlakha to house arrest withing 23 hours, rejecting plea by NIA

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