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As US State Department spokesperson says they “will continue to raise rights concerns with India,” here is a look into United States’ human rights...

The United States is in the habit of releasing reports on "religious freedom and human rights violations" in India so much so that one can argue it is its favourite hobby.

USCIRF and George Soros: How the Commission peddled hysteria surrounding NRC, CAB, and religious freedom in India

Prior to the legislation on the Citizenship Amendment Bill, USCIRF appealed to the US government to impose sanctions on India.

US govt agency USCIRF uses Tek Fog to allege a lack of religious freedom in India, a month after the fake story was withdrawn...

USCIRF under US govt publishes a report on Religious Freedom Conditions in India mentioning Tek Fog after it was withdrawn by Wire

MEA comes down hard on USCIRF for continuing to make biased and inaccurate comments on India, says it raises concerns about the credibility of...

The Indian government has strongly condemned the controversial organisation USCIRF for its biased and inaccurate claims about India

NCPCR to take action against Christian NGO Persecution Relief for tarnishing the reputation of India

NCPCR said that Persecution Relief published a false report about the abuse of Child protection law in India and shared it in 150 countries

The US adds Pakistan, China and 8 others as ‘Countries of Particular Concern’ for violation of religious freedom

The USCIRF had also recommended adding India, Russia, Syria and Vietnam in the list of CPCs but the State Department denied it.

Pakistan: Blasphemy complaint against opposition politician for saying ‘all religions are equal’

"This is a country of 22 crore people, irrespective of religion. No religious group is superior to another religious group," Khawaja Asif had said in the National Assembly.

India denies visa to controversial USCIRF teams, MEA says the ‘prejudiced’ body has no locus standi in country’s affairs

The minister added that the USCIRF has been known to make prejudiced, inaccurate and misleading observations regarding the state of religious freedom in India.

USCIRF, Hinduphobic conferences and their link to paedophilia, CIA and US foreign policy: Read details

Academia in USA has joined hands with USCIRF to aggressively push their anti-Hindu propaganda across the world.

MEA slams USCIRF for spreading false propaganda over the treatment of coronavirus patients in Gujarat

In a statement, the Ministry of External Affairs asked the USCIRF to stop adding "religious colour" to the Indian government's efforts in fighting the Chinese pandemic.

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