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Everyone knows that Islam needs to be Sinicised, this is an inevitable trend: Senior Chinese Communist Party official in Xinjiang

President Xi Jinping of China repeatedly calls for the "Sinicisation" of religions including Islam, Buddhism and Christianity.

China’s War against Islam: From ‘mosque rectification program’, to Quran being burnt, pork being fed, Namaz and Hijab being banned and more

China has declared war on Islam and its policies have focussed on erasing Islamic customs and Islamic identities of its Muslim Uyghur population

China banned Uyghurs from praying in mosques during Eid-ul-Fitr: Report

Chinese authorities in Xinjiang banned most Uyghurs from praying in mosques as well as homes during Eid-ul-Fitr.

China has been using surveillance against its minorities based on foreign countries, many receive threats for talking about Tibetans, Uyghurs: Details

China has been using surveillance on its miniorities based in foreign countries for intimidation, blackmail and coercion. 

China using Uyghur Muslim spies to catch others in the community who are violating ban on fasting during Ramzan: report

China is using Uyghur Muslim spies to prevent others in the community from fasting during Ramzan

China releases propaganda video featuring woman in Buddhist attire dancing in Grand Kuqa Mosque to reiterate that Uyghur Islam evolved from Buddhism

A recent state-sponsored promotional video by China claims that Grand Kuqa Mosque, the people and the religion are 'Chinese.'

China forbids Uyghur Muslims from fasting during Ramzan, implement monitoring system to keep a check

Uyghur Muslims have been identified by Beijing as a "threat to be solved through forced assimilation".

Protests held across Bangladesh over China’s mistreatment of Uyghur Muslims

Various NGOs and civil societies, Ulemas, and other organisations observed the 26th Anniversary of the Ghulja Massacre to support the legitimate demand of Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities being suppressed by China through various events and programs in different parts of Bangladesh

Uyghur camps in China’s Xinjiang converted into formal prisons, detainees given lengthy sentences

The Communist Party of China (CCP) criticised and restricted the use of the Uyghur language, prohibited Islamic practices; razed mosques, shrines, and cemeteries; rewrote history to deny the longevity of Uyghur culture and its distinctiveness from Chinese culture; and excised Indigenous literature from textbooks. 

Pakistani consulate in China tweets on Rights and Freedom of Uyghurs, Islamabad says account hacked

"We will work closely on matters of mutual interest including the Rights and Freedom of the Uyghurs community." tweeted Pakistan Consulate General Chengdu 

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