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Kerala HC bins another petition seeking removal of PM Modi’s photo from vaccine certificate, imposes fine of Rs 1 lakh on petitioner

The Kerala HC said citizens are duty-bound to respect the Prime Minister of the country while dismissing the plea.

‘They are not proud of their PMs, we are’: Kerala HC on plea seeking removal of PM Modi’s pic from vaccine certificate

Kerala HC asked the petitioner why he was ashamed of PM Modi when millions of Indians elected him to power

Akhilesh Yadav vs Science: Here is why the Samajwadi Party chief doesn’t want to get vaccinated

For Akhilesh Yadav, public health is clearly less important than not seeing PM Modi's photo on his certificate

‘Dangerous proposition’ to remove PM Modi’s picture from vaccine certificate, says Kerala HC

The petitioner- a senior citizen and RTI activist alleged that a vaccination certificate is his private space and he has certain rights over it. 

UK approves Covishield vaccine after India talked about reciprocal measures, but refuses to recognise CoWIN certificate now

Even though UK has approved the Covishield vaccine, it still kept India under amber list, and does not recognise the CoWIN certification

Spinning fiction? Siddharth Varadarajan’s ‘Paris cafe’ claims on vaccine certificate don’t quite add up, what the authorities say

Whether Varadarajan was just spinning stories or indeed telling the truth is a not something we could fact-check till someone puts us in touch with that particular waiter from that cafe, here is what the French authorities say about vaccination certificates.

‘Journalist’ Tavleen Singh ties herself in knots over the COVID vaccine certificate, has a history of complicated relationship with filling forms

Ms Tavleen Singh recently took to Twitter carping about the size of vaccine certificates issued by the Indian government

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