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vaccine hesitancy

As India reached the 200 crore doses milestone, here is how politicians and the media had fuelled vaccine hesitancy and wild claims

Several politicians including TS Singh Deo, Shashi Tharoor, Manish Tewari and Akhilesh Yadav had tried to peddle vaccine hesitancy and misinformation

Kerala, one of the worst-affected states in Covid-19, is now wasting 20% of vaccines due to expiry: Report

There are no takers for vaccines in Kerala, especially in private hospitals, leading to the expiry of vaccines. Even the free vaccines provided by the government are reaching their expiry, as per a report.

Modi calls out opposition for spreading vaccine hesitancy, misinformation amid covid pandemic for selfish political gains

While speaking about the vaccination programme, PM Modi said that the government is working towards achieving 100% vaccination.

Facebook removes page promoting the Freedom Convoy opposing vaccine rules in the USA over ‘violation of policies’

The page 'Convoy to DC' was removed by Facebook over allegations that it violated policies over QAnon.

Pakistan picks up tweet by Rahul Gandhi where he casts aspersions on India’s handling of COVID based on a ‘The Wire’ interview

Pakistan, which is always quick to pick up on Congress' propaganda in order to malign India, lapped up tweet by Rahul Gandhi

After months of reluctance, Maharashtra acting Chief Secretary finally takes the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine

Maharashtra Chief Secretary was compelled to take the vaccine as govt has decided to allow only fully vaccinated people to attend assembly

5,000 teachers refuse COVID vaccines citing religious beliefs in Muslim dominated north Kerala districts of Kasargod, Malappuram

Kerala continues to be the state that contributes the highest number of new active coronavirus cases in Indi

Akhilesh Yadav vs Science: Here is why the Samajwadi Party chief doesn’t want to get vaccinated

For Akhilesh Yadav, public health is clearly less important than not seeing PM Modi's photo on his certificate

Kerala: Teachers cite religious faith as reason to not get vaccinated against Coronavirus

Teachers from Kerala continue to exhibit vaccine hesitancy, cite religious faith as reason to not get vaccinated.

As India vaccinates 1 crore people in a day, here is how Rahul Gandhi ran a massive propaganda against India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive

Rahul Gandhi continues to spread misinformation about India's Covid-19 vaccination drive even after the country administered over 62 crore doses

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