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New dispute in Gyanvapi issue: Varanasi weaver Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari produces British era record to allege the land area has shrunk by two-third

During British rule, the land of Araji No 9130, i.e. Gyanvapi Masjid, was around 31 Biswa, but now it is 10.5 Biswa.

‘Gyanvapi not a mosque, property vests with deity Adi Vishweshwar since time immemorial’: Hindu side in SC

According to the submissions, the property has belonged to Adi Vishweshwar for centuries and centuries, even before the Islamic rule in India

Advocates Hari Shankar Jain and Vishnu Shankar Jain: The father-son duo devoted to the cause of reclaiming occupied Hindu sites

There are as many as 102 cases in which either or both Vishnu Shankar Jain and Hari Shankar Jain have represented the Hindu side in courts.

‘Remnants of old Hindu temple clear inside Gyanvapi, Shringar Gauri, Sheshnaag, lotus structures found’: Former court-appointed survey commissioner Ajay Mishra’s report

Ajay Mishra in his report has submitted that the survey was done by him on May 6 and May 7 and the Muslim side had gathered a mob of over 100 people during the survey to hinder their work.

AIMIM leader Danish Qureshi arrested for derogatory remarks on Shivling found inside disputed structure in Kashi

Police arrested Danish Qureshi from Shahpur after two complaints were lodged against him with Naroda and Vasna police stations

Journalists, Hindu and Muslims, mock Hindus after Shivling is found at Gyanvapi: It is more than Hinduphobia that drives their disdain

The rot within the Hindu society itself needs to be addressed and understood if we need to successfully reclaim the Bharata that once was.

Hindu petitioners say a door to Shivling inside the disputed Gyanvapi structure has been blocked by debris, ask court to grant access

On May 17, Tuesday, the Hindu petitioners urged the Varanasi court to grant them access to an eastern door that leads to the Shivling found inside the disputed Gyanvapi structure.

Scratch a ‘vivadit dhancha’, find a Mandir: A list of Hindu temples destroyed over centuries of Islamic rule where masjids and dargahs stand now

In 1990, Historian Sita Ram Goel released a book named 'Hindu Temples: What Happened To Them' in which he mentioned over 1,800 Muslim structures that were built on Hindu Temple sites and/or used materials from destroyed temples.

‘Muslims not allowed at the spot, no wuzu to be performed’: Varanasi Court after the discovery of Shivling inside Gyanvapi mosque

A Shivling was found inside the wuzukhana of Gyanvapi mosque during the court-ordered survey

Gyanvapi survey: Shivling found after draining out ‘Wuzukhana’, people wash their hands and feet in it before offering namaz

Shivling is reportedly found inside the Wuzukhana, a place where people wash their hands and feet before offering namaz.

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