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Closing Sterlite Copper caused losses of over ₹14,000 crores to economy till 2021, over 400 downstream businesses affected: Industry bodies urge SC to reconsider...

India has become net importer from net exporter of copper after the closure of the Sterlite plant, causing loses to the economy and downstream industries

After hitjob on Adani fell flat, George Soros-backed OCCRP Foundation targets mining giant Vedanta, calls a formal communication ‘lobbying’

After efforts to target the Adani Group were thwarted, the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) has turned its focus towards one of India's leading mining companies, the Vedanta Group

Foxconn to pursue investment in India without Vedanta, will apply separately for establishing a chip manufacturing unit in India

In its official statement, the company stated that building fabs from scratch in a new geography is a challenge, but Foxconn is committed to investing in India.

‘The Other Media’ NGO that organised protests against Vedanta Sterlite plant under scanner: Home Ministry tells Rajya Sabha

In case violations of provisions of the FCRA, 2010 are found, the certificate of FCRA registration of the association may be cancelled under Section 14 of the Act,” the reply stated.

Rahul Kanwal steps on Raghuram Rajan’s tail as he tries to criticise Modi govt’s economic policies: Read how the former RBI governor is wrong

Raghuram Rajan attacks Modi govt's productivity linked incentive scheme, but he is grossly wrong in his claims

India inches closer to becoming global player in semiconductors as Vedanta-Foxconn choose Gujarat to invest Rs 1.54 lakh crore, read details

Vedanta group and Foxconn formally announced plans to set up a massive semiconductor manufacturing facility in Gujarat.

Sterlite Copper up for sale: Vedanta Group seeks EoI for its Thoothukudi Copper Plant that has been closed by the TN govt since 2018

Vedanta Group sought EoI for sale of its Sterlite Copper plant that has been closed since 2018.

Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn and Indian conglomerate Vedanta to make semiconductor chips in India with a ₹900 crore investment

This action follows the unveiling of the Rs 76,000 crore PLI scheme by the government for semiconductor manufacturing in India.

Thoothukudi people say they were cheated in the name of protests, want reopening of Sterlite Copper plant they got shut in 2018

In May 2018, Sterlite Copper plant in Thoothukudi owned by Vedanta was ultimately shut down by Tamil Nadu government following protests by the local people on the grounds of alleged environmental hazards caused by the plant.

‘He brought life to a sleeping civilisation, awakened Bharat to rise above caste boundaries’: What PM Modi said about Adi Shankara at Kedarnath

PM Modi discussed how Adi Shankara awakened the 'Chetana'(consciousness) of a civilisation that was forgetting its own roots and made us Indians aware of our origins, our spiritual destination and in that way, he revived Dharma throughout India.

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