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Modi decided, suddenly and aggressively, to raise the bar. A mission to go from 40% to 100% in just 5 years.
"India and France are likely to surpass the UK in the world's largest economy rankings in 2019, knocking it from fifth to seventh place in the global table," PwC's Global Economy Watch report said.
"Development projects inaugurated today not only shows the commitment of our govt but also highlights the incompetence of previous govts." - PM Narendra Modi in Manipur
The year 2019 has started with Prime Minister Modi setting the record straight; this government is a government that delivers- and it delivered a lot over the last 4 years
This is the story that they will not tell you. In a year when markets have sunk across the world, India, under Prime Minister Modi, shines
One of the demand drivers over the coming years in the civil aviation sector could be the Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagarik or UDAN program started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
The Ease of Doing Business project provides objective measures of business regulations, important dimensions of the regulatory environment and their enforcement across 190 economies and selected cities at the subnational and regional level
India can easily do all these things to improve education, infrastructure, healthcare, science & technology and also build the world’s tallest statue.
The SRA projects after being approved under the PMAY are set to benefit lakhs of people in Mumbai.
We are all hoping to see you again at the Red Fort on Aug 15, 2019. A deep saffron turban, like today, would look best.
The days of perverted appeasement politics is definitely over and seems to have had a quiet burial.
The country until last year had about 16470 Km long Natural Gas pipeline network in operation.
Shah’s comment was directed at the fact that the Congress Party lost 14 states while BJP lost eight by-polls.
The govt has put in an unbelievable number of policy reforms and public investments in hundreds of projects that have borne fruit
The expedition was by car and the excitement had just begun…..The Road to New India lay ahead.
Will the voter rise to the occasion in 2019?
The establishment that supports Rahul Gandhi would be silly to want this country to progress
One American newspaper headlined Indira's visit as "New Indian leader comes begging"

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