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Islamists and Leftists attack their sympathiser Vinod Kapri because he questioned Rana Ayyub, an Islamist herself

Vinod Kapri was at the receiving end of Islamist flak for questioning Rana Ayyub over describing Atiq Ahmed as a lawmaker.

Vinod Kapri starts reading Bible after Hindu organization protests against anti-Hindu material at Delhi book fair, tells Hindus to learn from the Bible

Vinod Kapri said, "I came home and just kept the Bible aside. But, now that you all are opposing it, I will read this book. I will read the whole book.

Usual suspects peddle misinformation to insinuate victims were planted ahead of PM Modi’s visit to Morbi: Here’s the truth

Several left-liberals took to Twitter to insinuate that victims are planted in hospitals ahead of PM Modi's visit to Morbi.

News channel makes a mockery of viral running sensation Pradeep Mehra, makes him run in the studio for their program

News18 Uttar Pradesh made a mockery of the struggle of Pradeep Mehra by making him run inside their studio

Watch: Director rues how he made a documentary showing the ‘plight of migrant workers’ post COVID lockdown, but all 7 of them voted for...

Despite the best efforts of Vinod Kapri to indoctrinate the 7 migrant workers into believing that the government did nothing for them, they ended up voting for the BJP in Bihar.

Journalist-filmmaker Vinod Kapri claims Ashish Mishra was driving the car that was attacked by ‘farmer’ mob, but here is how he may be wrong

A hazy image of a man driving the car with a broken windshield that 'ran over' the farmers, presumably as the driver lost control of the car is now being peddled as that of Ashish Mishra, son of MoS A K Mishra as 'proof'. But things don't add up.

‘Journalist’ Vinod Kapri gets called out by Agra District Magistrate for his brazen lies on the unavailability of protective gears for doctors

Agra District Magistrate debunks lies that doctors treating coronavirus are forced to wear polythene bags to cover their faces

Former editor accidentally reveals how a reporter quit job after he was forced to do anti-Modi story

In one of the segments of The Media Rumble, Vinod Kapri, who was the former editor of TV9 Bharatvarsh accidentally admitted that one of his reporters had quit his job after he was forced to do anti-Modi stories.

Abandoned baby girl no more even as Sakshi Joshi and Abhishek Upadhyay file FIRs against each other

On 16th July, Abhishek, too, filed a counter FIR against Sakshi Joshi and her husband Vinod Kapri accusing them of CARA rules and Juvenile Justice Act violations.

He knowingly violated CARA guideline and JJ Act: Journalist who accused filmmaker Vinod Kapri of faking an adoption story for self promotion

Despite warning from CARA CEO, the couple continued to post pictures of the child on social media. Kapri had even put up the child's photo as his profile picture on Twitter.

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