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An internal audit report carried out by the AgustaWestland of the Christian Michel's firms has indicated that payments worth Rs 276 crore made by them were "dubious".
The CBI had told the court that the samples were require for matching with the documents in its possession.
CBI said that Michel was uncooperative, evasive and alleged he did not even co-operate with Italian investigation pertaining to the case.
Michael had communicated with Haschke in August 2009, mentioning non-cooperation from the 'family'.
Alijo Joseph is a Congress party leader, and he is the national in-charge of the legal department of Indian Youth Congress, the youth wing of the party.
Sonia Gandhi's name features in Italian investigation into the deal.
An operation named 'Unicorn' was planned and carried out under the guidance of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and being coordinated by interim CBI Director M Nageswar Rao to bring back Michel.
As of now, it appears that the allegations of a scam by either side are merely political rhetoric
As a common citizen of India, no words of mine are enough to convey the sense of gratitude
Khan had blamed the media for exaggerating his demand for a Toyota Fortuner SUV for official use.
The 'aam aadmi' does not seem that 'aam' after all!
While some commented on his arrogance, others couldn't help but poke fun
It has been alleged that they were served the meal on silver plates
Overstaying at official residences has always been a major issue
Akhilesh Yadav asked whether there were any martyrs from Gujarat. Let's rewind to an incident in Uttar Pradesh.

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