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Supreme Court instructs ECI to keep Symbol Loading Units in strong rooms after elections: Read what these devices are and how the order will...

Symbol Loading Units are used to load candidate names and symbols into the VVPAT machines before the elections

EVM wins again: Supreme Court rejects all petitions asking for 100% verification by VVPAT slips, refuses to take country back to paper ballot age

Justice Khanna delivered the verdict, stating that the court had thoroughly studied the procedures and technical factors and hence dismissed the request for 100% verification of EVM votes with VVPAT slips.

‘We can’t control elections, poll body cleared doubts’: Supreme Court on 100% VVPAT-EVM verification pleas, re-iterates EVM Source Code can’t be disclosed

Supreme Court while highlighting the autonomy of the Election Commission of India observed that they don't control the elections and the poll body has cleared doubts regarding EVMs.

CNBC misattributes ‘go back to paper ballots or hand VVPAT slips’ remark to SC: Read what top court said about returning to paper ballots

Contrary to the CNBC report’s claim, it was not Justice Khanna but advocate Prashant Bhushan who spoke in favour of returning to paper ballots.

‘Command’ & ‘Communication’ not same, this is master-slave bus: ECI schools Left-wing propagandist Ravi Nair on the basics of EVM and English language

Responding to ulterior motives of Ravi Nair casting aspersions on EVM cloaked as “logical questions”, the ECI explained factual inaccuracies in his post.

Bloomberg reinvents the ‘EVM hack’ bogey, peddles Andy Mukherjee’s unhinged nonsense without a shred of evidence

Andy Mukherjee has written an opinion piece in Bloomberg asserting that the electronic voting machines (EVMs) which have been used in elections since 2004 are “rightly” the next port of call for judicial scrutiny.

YouTube adds ‘Context’ information panel with ECI disclaimer and link to FAQs to videos raising doubts about EVM and VVPAT

YouTube introduces ‘Context’ information panel for videos raising alarm on use of EVM and VVPAT on the request of EC.

All queries already addressed, no new issue raised, have full faith in EVMs: ECI responds to fresh allegations on EVM and VVPAT by Congress

"Election Commission has full faith in use of EVMs" ECI refutes Congress' allegations on EVMs

Opposition leaders need to learn how to accept defeat: How shady YouTubers and politicians are hurting India’s democracy with their EVM lies

Opposition leaders must learn to accept defeat and respect the electorate choice instead of spinning yarns about EVMs

Digvijaya Singh, who has failed in his attempts to become Madhya Pradesh CM since 2003, says he lost faith in EVMs after 2003

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh once again cries EVM hacking. Says he lost faith in EVMs after 2003, the year he was ousted as Madhya Pradesh CM.

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