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war criminal

Liberals and Islamists outrage against Himanta Biswa Sarma: How he was right and those outraging seem to be fighting for Jihadis’ dream to tear...

The outrage was amusing and deafening, in an attempt to defend the insidious comments of the man who oversaw the rise of ISIS - Barack Obama.

Barack Obama, who should be declared a war criminal, pontificates to India about human rights: Here is his track record

In 2016, Barack Obama created a record of being the only US President to take the country to war during the entirety of his 8-year term.

Hillary Clinton calls the Russian bombing of maternity hospital a ‘war crime’: Here’s the sordid US track record she conveniently glosses over

While Hillary Clinton has been upfront in condemning Russia, she has been silent on atrocities committed by the US

As the Russia-Ukraine heats up, media lionises child soldiers carrying assault weapons: All you need to know

The Daily Monitor and AFP did not pay heed to the fact that the disturbing images glorify the use of 'child soldiers' and increase their recruitment amidst the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Delwar Hossain Sayeedi: The man who is convicted for war crimes against Hindus and pro-Bangladeshi supporters in 1971 war

Delwar Hossain Sayeedi is a war criminal convicted for presiding over murders, rapes and forced conversions of Hindus and pro-Bangladeshis during the 1971 war

Is Nehru’s ‘Bose is a War Criminal” letter fake? – what the Declassified documents say

Even though it's part of declassified files, Congress claims the letter is fake.

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